Cooking Classes and events

Gibsons Public Market June 23rd 1:00-3:30pm $85/person (GST included)

  • Chirashi Zushi  (Chirashi Zushi” means ‘scattered sushi’ because all the delicious toppings are scattered or strewn over the rice just before serving.)
  • Authentic Miso soup
  • Green beans Gomaae


In this 2 1/2 hours hands on class, you will learn how to make fundamental components of popular Japanese dishes such as dashi stock and sushi rice, which can be used in a wide variety of other dishes such as miso soup, sushi rolls or my family favourite: chirashizushi.  And yes! One of very popular side dishes, Gomaae!

Gibsons Public Market (Kids class) July 14th 12:00-2:00pm $69/child (GST included)

  • Caterpillar sushi roll using avocado and cucumber
  • Temari sushi balls, round sushi with colorful topping

In this 2 hours hands on class, you will make your own cute caterpillar roll and temari sushi balls with colorful toppings sushi as cucumber, radish, avocado, pepper and more!

This is a very fun and educational cooking class and is a great opportunity for everyone to learn cooking and a few Japanese words!

Please contact us at to book your spot!

Japanese fermentation series at UBC Farm $45/guest (+GST)

  • Making Shio koji September 26th 6-8:30pm
  • Japanese pickles October 24th 6-8:30pm
  • Cooking with Sake kasu November 21st 6-8:30pm

Please check to register!


Team Building: Lunch & Learns or After work get together

We come to your meeting room for a hour and half “healthy eating” and “Eat outside of the box” talk! Our Lunch and Learns/After work get together are unique because not only do we do an engaging presentation, we teach everyone how to make delicious Onigiri, Japanese style rice balls with various fillings and taste our creation after. It is great way to catch up with your colleagues and have fun!
$650 for 20 people (food cost and compostable plates are included)
Healthy eating talk and Onigiri making in your classroom:
We come to your class room for an hour and talk about healthy eating and make simple and delicious onigiri. Our workshop is educational, fun and we all learn healthy eating and a bit of Japanese culture. The workshop is based on the BC ministry curriculum and standards.
$300/class (food cost and lots of fun are included)
Shopping tour at your local Asian store:
One of the most questions I am asked during my cooking classes is “where and which brand of ingredients to buy?” During our an hour shopping tour, you will learn all important ingredients and lots of tips to cook delicious Japanese dishes at home!
$50 per person (4 people minimum)

Please call 604-727-5331 for private classes!





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