Abura age

Deep fried thin sliced tofu, offen cooked with soy sauce and sugar to make Inari sushi.


Kinako is ground roasted soybean often used for Japanese sweet.




miso is s a traditional Japanese paste made of fermented soybeans with salt and koji (fungus, fungus??? it doesn’t sound good, but it is good fungus!) Besides soybeans, miso can also be made from barley, rice, or other grains. Miso is definitely a Japanese culinary staple and is used not only making miso soup, but for marinade fish and meat, sauces and picking vegetables. Miso is high in protein and rich in vitamins and minerals. There are many kinds of miso available from different regions in Japan. The color can be darker or lighter, and the taste can be sweeter or saltier. The white varieties aren’t really white, but are light yellow and have a sweet taste. The red varieties are dark brown and said have savory flavors. Shinshu miso (brown miso made in Shinshu region), Inaka miso (barley miso) and Koji miso are also popular. Awase miso, which are mixtures of differet types of miso, are also popularly. I like Koji miso which has sweet flavour. Which miso you prefers reaaly depends  on where you grew up and what kind of miso your family used.



Mochi is Japanese rice cake made of a short-grain rice. The rice is pounded and made into round shape or square like a picture below. In Japan we make mochi a couple of days before the new year for eating in a specail soup we eat on New Year’s day to celebrate. However  they are  also eaten year-round for simple snacks.



Takuan, also known as tsukemono, is one of popular traditional Japanese pickles. It is made from daikon radish.


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