Stewed Taro potatoes with chicken and green

Love taro potatoes! They have very nice earthy flavor and are great for stew and soup!


  • Taro potatoes 8-10 pcs

For soup

  • Chicken thigh chopped 150g
  • Dashi stock 100cc
  • Sugar 2tablespoons
  • Sodium reduced Soy sauce 2tablespoons


  1. Peel the potatoes and steam them for about 10 mins. To check the potatoes are done cooking, insert a skewer into a piece of potato and if the skewer goes in and comes out without resistance, the potatoes have finished cooking.
  2. While cooking potatoes, in a small pot, add dashi stock, sugar and soy sauce and bring it to a boil. Add chicken and cook  for 3-4 mins till the chicken is done.
  3. In a serving bowl, arrange potatoes and add the chicken soup over the potatoes.
  4. Serve immediately with boiled green.



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