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My passion is not only sharing Japanese home cooking with others but sharing the joy of cooking, enjoying the process of it. Cooking includes going to a market to pick your favorite sauces, choosing fresh vegetables, and talking and enjoying interacting with people. Market vendors, or friends or family who go shopping with you. I believe that cooking involves not only just the act of cooking, but it involves choosing dishes for meal menus, thinking about who you are cooking for, shopping, and hand selecting fresh ingredients. After the cooking process itself, it is such a joy to see your family or friends enjoying your dishes and some conversation. I try to appreciate every moment.

I was featured in the North Shore News last Friday! I was so thrilled to see the article and appreciated reading the article as it brought to mind for me again  what my passion and goals are.

I am so grateful to Cook Culture for believing in me and having guests that are so eager to learn; helpful volunters and kitchen Helpers helping me with anything I need to make the classes to go smoothly. When I see our guests’ smiles I can see they are enjoying it and they often come to see me after the class to thank me. I feel so blessed and I say back thank you deep from my heart.

Home cooking, not just Japanese cooking, means more than just cooking.

What do you think of when you are cooking or when you are picking menus for your family? No. 1 Easy and quick to cook! No.2 Budget! No.3 What you have on hand! and you may think about reducing salt and sugar amounts, using lots of fresh and seasonal vegetables, using organic meat if possible etc, to make meals as healthy as possible.

In my three hour classes, both Izakaya and Sushi, my goal is not that all my guests learn top chef skills, but rather to share some of my culture, focus on the importance of home cooking, share some Japanese cooking skills and techniques, and above all sharing the joy of making delicious and healthy dishes don’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Here’s to good health, and good cooking!




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