Chicken Cuisine  鶏料理 瀬戸

If you have a chance to visit Kyoto, Japan, you MUST try chicken dishes at 鶏料理 瀬戸, Seto.

Seto is Michelin star restaurant specializes chicken dishes and I am so proud to say that I used to work here 25 years ago. My girlfriend’s mother owns the restaurant. I learned how beautiful and tasteful simple dishes can be created by using freshest and locally grown ingredients and Omotenashi, Japanese way of hospitality here.

Seto is located in a suburb of Kyoto, beautiful Kurama surrounded by mountains.

At Seto, they serve only course menu, starting off with a couple of small dishes usually using lots of their home grown vegetables and then chicken Aburi Sashimi (Chicken sashimi lightly charcoal grilled), yes I am not kidding, they serve chicken sashimi. They raise their own chicken right at their backyard and they are so fresh, chicken liver tastes like Sea Urchin. The main course is chicken sukiyaki (chicken, some vegetables simply cooked with sake, soy sauce and brown sugar.)

I was visiting my family and friends last week and had an opportunity to stop by at Seto. I was so happy to see Okamisan owner (my girlfriend mom) here, same as twenty five years ago.

I have found a couple of articles about Seto and their dishes, so here it is.


336 Shizuichiichiharacho Sakyo-ku Kyoto Kyoto

Phone: 075-741-2667

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