Mango Daifuku

This is one of the most loved snacks/dessert in Japan and usually strawberries are used instead of mango, but why not, I love Mango! and please use any fruits you like such as kiwi, banana, grapes etc.

What you need; Makes 12-13 daifuku

  • 150g Shiratama ko (glutinous rice powder)
  • 70g Granulated sugar
  • 250g Water
  • Cornstarch

Anko Filling;

  • 12-13 pieces of cut mango (about 2cm cube)
  • 300g Anko/Azuki beans paste

How to;

  1. Divide Anko to 12-13 and wrap a mango with about a spoonful of anko and rounds to make a ball. Make 12-13 balls and set a side.
  2. Mix shiratama ko and water in a microwave safe glass bowl and microwave for 2 minutes.
  3. Mix and microwave for another 2 minutes or so.
  4. Stir the mochi quickly. (mocha is really hot and sticky)
  5. Transfer the mochi to a large plate or a pan dusted with cornstarch.
  6. Coat the dough/mocha all over with corn starch.
  7. Dust hands with cornstarch and divide the mochi into 12-13 pieces by hands. Make a round flat mocha from a ball and put a piece of anko filling on a center of mochi and wrap the anko by stretching mochi.
  8. Rounds the mochi. Repeat the process to make more pieces.







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