Kimiko’s Japanese Kitchen

One of my dreams is publishing my own Japanese cooking book! It will have many authentic Japanese recipes and stories. I have started to write a little and will write more and I am hoping to share them with you. Please write me back if you have any comments or improvement I can make. Whenever you see blog title called Kimiko’s Japanese Kitchen, it’s a book project I am writing and working on. Thank you for reading my stories!


The bounty of great ingredients for everyday home cooking

I am so grateful that I am able to cook for my family every day. Without them, I wouldn’t have realized how good ingredients and the everyday meals created from them are so important, not only to our bodies, but our family connections, culture, and communities. Cooking for your own family gives an appreciation of truly ‘good’ food, and the farmers and cooks who bring it to the table.

Healthy eating – Happy body and mind

I strongly believe “you are what you eat.” When you are eating well, your body is happy, has lots of energy and just feels good inside and outside. Because of today’s busy life style, omnipresent fast food shops, and ready-made foods on supermarket shelves, heavily processed unhealthy foods are hard to avoid. But cooking healthy foods doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t require a lot of time in the kitchen. Most of the recipes in this blog/cookbook are what I cook at home for my family. They are healthy, simple and delicious Japanese dishes using lots of fresh local vegetables and other ingredients. They don’t require much special equipment, but I admit some of the dishes do require quite a bit of preparation. I think that it is a labour of love, reflecting your effort and your love for your family. I wish you the joy of cooking; serving nutritional foods to your family and yourself is more than just cooking, it is building the habit of a healthy life style for yourself and your family.

With this blog/cookbook and a few key ingredients, now you don’t have to go to Japanese restaurants, you can enjoy even healthier Japanese dishes at home!


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