Zenzai (Japanese sweet azuki beans soup)

There is a time that I really want to have a nice bowl of zenzai, Japanese sweet azuki beans soup. Zenzai is  an authentic sweet, typically we eat in Winter, but today was perfect weather for it. We had nice Summer weather for two weeks and now it’s back to the winter like weather. We usually have zenzai with mochi, sticky rice ball in it, but I didn’t have them in my freezer, so I called my girl friend to bring mochi maker along with her then we could make fresh mochi.

An hour later, we enjoyed nice zenzai and home made mochi. Yummy! A mochi  maker is really handy to have, because you can make 10 or so mochi in an hour.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Have you watched Food Network TV? Last December, they started to do a new program called “recipes to riches” which home cooks from Canada compete their favorite recipes. They had 6 categories which I believe from appetizer, dessert, main and three more, but I don’t remember and 6 winners could win $25,000 and a finalist brings home $250,000. The winner for main course was a father of my third son’s friend! This weekend, my third son was invited to the friend’s birthday party and parents were invited as well. It was a beautiful day and they had the party at a water park. And they served BBQ pulled pork sandwich which his dad made. I was so excited to try his pulled pork! He suggested to put coleslaw, cheese and two different sauce (white & red) on the pulled pork. It was yummy. I am not a big fun of BBQ pulled pork, because, most of them are just too much BBQ sauce and don’t taste of meat, but his pulled pork had just enough sauce and I could taste actual pork.

The kids had a good time and I could try yummy pulled pork. It was a great party!

Agedashi Tofu

I have never made Agedashi Tofu before. I think it is one of those things that my mom never made it for us, so I can live without it. Lately I am trying to eat more plant based protein than animal protein, so am eating lots of tofu, beans and etc. Today I tried making Agedashi Tofu and made little sauce with enoki and bok choy. Yummy!