Tofu Pouch, Aburaa ge

Abura age are deep-fried thin slice tofu pouch which are great for simple stir fly with veges or Inari zushi and eating with udon, soba and somen noodles. Today I made simmered aburaage for making Inari which my third son loves! There are a picture of aburaage package, usually a pack contains 6 pcs or 12 pcs. You can buy already made ( simmered with soy sauce & sugar ), but they often contain MSG and homemade ones are fresh and of course delicious! When you see a picture in No.4, you see a little wooden lid, which called otoshi buta. We use this to all the ages stay in the simmering broth while cooking. If you don’t have on, please cut a small parchment paper and make a small hole in the center and use it as otoshi buta.

Kimiko’s Tofu Pouches 20 pcs

1 2/3 cups dashi stock

¾ – 1 tbsp sugar

¾ tbsp soy sauce

½ tsp Salt

10 large tofu pouch (abura age or age) about 5cm x 10c

  1. Bring a small pot of water to a boil. Use enough water so that all the tofu pouches would be covered.
  1.  To make the pouches easier to open later, quickly roll each one a few times with a rolling pin. Put the tofu pouches in the boiling water, and boil briefly for 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat, discard all the water, and let the pouches cool.
  1. When cool, cut them in half crosswise to make two pouches half the original size, and gently open them from the cut edge.

  1. Place the dashi stock, sugar, soy sauce and salt in a medium pot and bring to a boil. Add the tofu pouches and simmer for about 20 minutes till the pouches become soft. Remove from heat and let the pouches and broth cool to room temperature.

These are great for making “Inari zushi” (stuff with sushi rice), or simply put 2-3 pouches in your udon or soba noodle soup, in addition to the noodles and any other vegetables etc. Today I made inari with them.


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